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I first learned of ketamine infusion therapy 12 years ago from a patient.  She had been suffering excruciating pain in both of her arms and hands following an injury and had been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
My patient had undergone numerous anesthetic blocks and had tried several medications, which unfortunately offered little to no relief.  She had difficulty focusing on her career and was starting to have marital issues from her chronic painful condition.

She told me she was flying to Berlin to try ketamine infusion therapy, which she had read about online. I wasn’t familiar with ketamine as a treatment for pain, so I did some research and encouraged her to try it.

My patient returned from Germany with hope as the ketamine treatments were the only therapies that gave her significant relief. She continued flying back and forth to Germany and told me the treatments “changed my life”.

Twelve years later I met Nick and Katy Marino, two pioneers in novel medical and mental health treatments and Allay Health and Wellness was born. We decided to create a wellness clinic with a focus on treating depression, PTSD, and chronic pain with ketamine infusion therapy. 

Daniel Cartledge M.D.

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Nicholas Marino, Katy Marino, Daniel Cartledge

Daniel Cartledge, M.D.

Co-founder/Medical director

Daniel Cartledge, M.D., has been practicing interventional pain management for over 11 years. He is double board certified in pain management as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation and is the medical director for a large multidisciplinary practice in Delray Beach Florida.

Dr. Cartledge is the cofounder of a biotechnology company and coinventor for a patented cranial neurostimulation device. He has been an educational speaker for various pharmaceutical companies in the pain management space. Dr. Cartledge has pursued a special interest in novel non-invasive and natural treatments for chronic pain.

Nicholas Marino


Nicholas has worked in the Mental Health Industry for over 10 years. He has been CFO/COO and Program director of multiple healthcare clinics.

Nicholas has been a huge advocate for those who struggle with mental health issues and has been a speaker at multiple colleges.

Katy Marino, APRN


Katy has 15 years RN experience and has worked in ICU, PICU, NICU, and is currently working in adult and pediatrics ER.

Katy has hands-on experience with ketamine in the in-patient setting and has seen the positive effects of this treatment first hand. She is actively participating in ketamine research and the benefits it has for a number of different ailments. 

Caleb Dubson


Caleb began his career in healthcare more than 10 years ago, and has a diverse background in operations management, employee training and development, and regulatory compliance.

Most recently he has worked as an Assistant Nurse Manager in a pediatric emergency department. Caleb is excited to bring a new treatment option to those struggling with mental health complications and chronic pain.

Roland Verfaillie, Ph.D.


Dr. Roland Verfaillie is a licensed mental health therapist with over 30 years’ experience in the field of behavioral science. He is a specialist in the treatment of substance disorders and trauma recovery.

Dr. Verfaillie graduated with undergraduate degrees in both Psychology and Chemistry. He received his M.S. degree in Counseling Psychology, attended The Brookings Institute, Washington, DC, as a contributor to the Urban Studies Project, and went on to receive his Ph.D. in Professional Counseling.

Dr. Verfaillie has worked in the private, state and federal government sectors. He served as the first civilian Director of Community Services for the military garrison in Augsburg, Germany, and as a Supervisory Psychologist for the Department of Defense.