A new approach to wellness

At Allay Health and Wellness we are offering a new approach to health and wellness, focusing on the individual as a whole. We want to focus on the mind, body, and soul so that you can continue to have the best quality of life. We believe that by taking care of yourself you will have the ability to make better decisions, process information better, and have the tools necessary to deal with physical and emotional pain.

We believe in using new innovative treatment methods that can act as a supplement to the more traditional treatment regimens. We are not a place that believes ketamine infusion therapy alone is the solution to chronic physical and mental pain. We currently offer ketamine assisted therapy (KAT), which is talk-based therapy that allows individuals to open up during their infusion. This kind of therapy has been shown to allow individuals to open up and process more intense feelings.

Why choose Allay Health and Wellness? 

We understand that ketamine infusion clinics are becoming more popular with the recent FDA approval of prescribing ketamine products for treatment of depression.  Some medical professionals (and some non-medical professionals) will undoubtedly be looking for ways to add easy supplemental income to their practice, while neglecting best practices and their client’s best interests. Our clients are our priority.

Allay Health and Wellness offers this new and exciting treatment in conjunction with a clinical psychologist that works with you to develop a treatment plan that is unique and appropriate.

Our clients undergo several mental health and chronic pain assessments, as well as a consultation with a licensed medical provider to make sure that we are providing the highest and safest level of care. We consult with your current medical providers to ensure that this treatment is right for you. 

We understand that everyone is different, and each individual needs to be treated differently.  

A word from the Co-founders

I first learned of ketamine infusion therapy 12 years ago from a patient.  She had been suffering excruciating pain in both of her arms and hands following an injury and had been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
My patient had undergone numerous anesthetic blocks and had tried several medications, which unfortunately offered little to no relief.  She had difficulty focusing on her career and was starting to have marital issues from her chronic painful condition.

She told me she was flying to Berlin to try ketamine infusion therapy, which she had read about online. I wasn’t familiar with ketamine as a treatment for pain, so I did some research and encouraged her to try it.
My patient returned from Germany with hope as the ketamine treatments were the only therapies that gave her significant relief.  She continued flying back and forth to Germany and told me the treatments “changed my life”.

Twelve years later I met Nick and Katy Marino, two pioneers in novel medical and mental health treatments and Allay Health and Wellness was born.  We decided to create a wellness clinic with a focus on treating depression, PTSD, and chronic pain with ketamine infusion therapy. 

Daniel Cartledge M.D.

Co-founder/Medical Director


Working with mental health centers and addiction centers for the past 10 years, I have seen the importance of treating individuals physically, mentally, and spiritually. We understand that mood disorders and chronic pain can affect all aspects of one’s life, and we want to be the catalyst for healing and the start of a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Nicholas Marino, CEO


Here at Allay Health and Wellness we believe that our low dose approach to ketamine, teamed with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Massage therapy will help you take care of yourself. Our team of licensed mental health clinicians and massage therapists will work with you, or your loved one, to develop a treatment plan that best suits your individual needs. Be sure to check out our page about ketamine treatment and our research page on the benefits of low dose ketamine Infusion.

Treatments For

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Treat Cancer

Cancer Patients

Treat Chronicpain

Chronic Pain

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Treat Headaches


Treat Neuropain

Neuropathic Pain

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“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.”


How to Begin

Ketamine infusion therapy is a new and exciting alternative to conventional treatments for some of our most common, modern afflictions. We are committed to answering questions and providing free information. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and learn about the ways Allay Health & Wellness could help you take back control.