Special Offer to Frontline Healthcare Workers

We understand that these are unprecedented times, and we would like to take the month of June to help as many people as possible.

We are offering first responders and healthcare workers a free 20-minute phone call with a licensed clinician. 

This offer comes with a free mental health assessment all done through telemedicine, so you need not come to our clinic.

We are also offering ketamine infusions with a 30-minute therapy session for everyone $250.00, and we are allowing you to buy up to 3.

Call 561-421-6444 for more information about our offer and the cost of ketamine infusion treatment.

COVID-19 and mental health

We can only imagine how difficult it must be to work in the frontline of this pandemic. Wearing personal protective equipment can help to protect you from acquiring the disease, but it cannot shield you from mental health problems.

A study has revealed that due to COVID-19, a significant number of healthcare workers are battling mental health issues. Approximately 23% of healthcare workers suffer from anxiety, 22.8% experience depression, and 39% endure insomnia.

With this threat to physical and mental health that our brave frontline health workers are facing, we would like to help them cope with this challenging situation in the best way we can.

How ketamine therapy in Florida can help you

Ketamine infusion therapy is a breakthrough treatment for anxiety, depression, and even pain. Once used as an anesthetic agent, it is now being used to reduce anxiety attacks and depression.

In low doses, ketamine can increase the production of glutamate, the primary excitatory neurotransmitter that sends signals between neurons. The increase in glutamate helps the brain build better connections.

We administer ketamine intravenously. During the treatment, a clinical psychologist will be with you, as we believe that a psychotherapeutic engagement can further boost the effectiveness of the therapy.

After low-dose infusions of ketamine, the relief and beneficial effects are almost immediate.

Where to find ketamine treatment near me

Ketamine infusion therapy at Allay Health and Wellness has been proven to reduce a patient’s anxiety levels. If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, contact us for guidance.

For first responders and healthcare workers, this is a month-long offer. Contact us or call us at (561) 421-6444 for your free 20-minute therapy session.

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