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Allay Health and Wellness is a pioneer in the relatively new Neuro-scientific field of Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT).  KAT works with the conscious mind through a therapeutic process that promotes rapid emotional healing, enhanced personal growth and heightened interpersonal awareness. Ketamine Assisted Therapy appears to surpass the limitations imposed by administering medication alone.  

Additionally, our ketamine infusion therapy in Florida is a new treatment model designed in pursuit of faster and better results, where a medication is taken for the therapy session only, and not every day! What’s more important, without the significant negative side effects commonly experienced from daily use of antidepressants and other psychiatric medications.


Why ketamine infusion therapy is better than the psychotropic medications? 

Most psychotropic medications often require weeks before positive therapeutic effects are achieved. They also require continued medication maintenance. If this is discontinued, the therapeutic benefits cease to provide relief. Ketamine Assisted Therapy in Palm Beach County involves the administration of a single infusion of ketamine, and does not require daily dosage.  This innovative medical intervention represents a new treatment model designed to provide the client with faster, more effective and longer lasting results. Most desirable is the absence of the negative side effects that usually the patients experience during daily use of antidepressants and other psychiatric medications.

Ketamine infusion therapy Palm Beach County – how do we do it at Allay Health and Wellness?

Currently, the standard protocol for the vast majority of ketamine treatment centers is to place the patient in a darkened room with a mask over their eyes with an infusion that lasts for 40 minutes. During the infusion the patient has limited sensory awareness and the only people coming in and out of the room are nurses who are taking vitals.  

Here, at Allay Health and Wellness we provide the infusion as well as a clinical psychologist to sit with you during the treatment. We believe that there needs to be psychotherapeutic engagement with the client to maximize the results of the ketamine infusion therapy.  

Ketamine allows the brain to form new paths for learning, therefore allowing clients to work through problems and work on developing healthy coping skills as a result of the infusion.

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At Allay Health & Wellness clinic, we offer a slightly different treatment modality, with the same end goal – substantial and long-lasting relief of symptoms.  Our clients receive an intravenous (IV) infusion of ketamine for over forty minutes to one hour. Infusions are administered in our clinic, and the client is invited to relax and listen to music, watch TV, or take advantage of ketamine assisted therapy (talk therapy) with a clinical psychologist during their treatment.

We provide 3 to 6 infusion sessions depending on the treatment plan that is created.  Within a 2 to 4 week period you will receive a minimum of 3 psychotherapeutic sessions.   

Why choose a ketamine infusion in Palm Beach Gardens? 

So, what makes us different from others? First and foremost, the difference lies in the route of administration. When medications are administered intranasally, there is a great deal of variability in the amount of the drug that is actually absorbed. The condition of the nasal mucosa, presence of respiratory infections, and an unknown amount of medication which is swallowed and not absorbed in the nasal passages, all lead to a variability in the amount of medication which is ultimately available in the body. 

When medications are administered intravenously (IV), they are delivered directly into the bloodstream. Intravenous medications have 100% bioavailability, and begin working almost instantly. Also, the dose or speed at which the medication is being administered can be adjusted mid-infusion, allowing treatment to be fine tuned and adapted to a client’s needs in real time.  Conversely, when medications are administered intranasally, there’s no way to adjust the dose if, for instance, someone were to experience unpleasant, or undesirable effects. Patients receiving intranasal Esketamine must remain in their providers office for a minimum of 2 hours after administration.  Our clients report a return to their baseline (pre-infusion) status as soon as 10 – 15 minutes after infusion, as the effects of the medication subside rapidly once the infusion is discontinued. 


It’s our goal to provide a safe, relaxing environment to maximize the success of your treatment. 

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Why is a ketamine infusion therapy in Palm Beach Gardens better than regular psychotherapy?

Most psychotherapy in the United States follows a formula driven by best treatment practices with empirically supported outcomes such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and/or talk therapies. These approaches to therapy work with aspects of thinking and behavior that are observable, linear, and measurable. This established generation of psychotherapies provides a compact, symptom management approach. Symptom management is a utilitarian approach to remediating disabling emotional symptoms. It has a secure niche in an essentially disease driven model for treating emotional illnesses. 

However, at our ketamine clinic in Florida, we currently have the ability to go much deeper by combining entheogenic medications with standard therapies. The synergism resulting from this therapeutic partnership offers the potential for a more powerful and  lasting impact. 

What you should know is that ketamine stimulates regions of the brain that allow the brain to form new pathways for learning. Concurrent therapist involvement fosters the client’s ability to problem-solve, and accelerates the development of alternative healthy coping skills both during and after the infusion These essential living skills are missed when there is no psycho-therapeutic engagement during ketamine therapy. Our approach to Ketamine Assisted Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens engages the client’s inner dialogue so that it becomes an active process which leads to a coherent outcome.  This is why we promote therapeutic guidance as a crucial component to ketamine therapy.  

What other therapies do we use during ketamine infusion in Palm Beach County?

The contemporary modalities utilized during Ketamine Assisted Therapy at Allay Health and Wellness include Experiential and Solution Focused therapies.  

Experiential therapy involves re-experiencing trauma, or some troubling disowned aspect of one’s personality often attributed to faulty learning, or a counterproductive lifestyle. Patients are encouraged to face their fears, or sorrow and connect these rising emotions to a climax of crystalline awareness. Process work allows the individual to examine the cause of their symptoms without the defenses which have kept them igneous or frozen. 

Solution focused therapy defines problems and examines goals that may lead to solutions. The therapies utilized are client-centered, and the client remains the problem solver.  Experiential and Solution Focused therapies become greatly amplified under the influence of ketamine. Thus, individuals have the ability to go much deeper, and much quicker than with standard therapies alone. The essence of the work occurs in the non-linear realm of pre-consciousness. Ketamine’s chemistry-of-action gives the user access to parts of the central nervous system, which most FDA approved medications for emotional illness do not. 

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What conditions can be treated with ketamine infusion in Palm Beach Gardens? 

Right now we are seeing remarkable outcomes using KAT –  not based solely upon positive individual responses. Progress is being measured using objective testing and long term follow-ups.  Corresponding data is supporting expedited outcomes through the augmented use of other psycho-social approaches in conjunction with ketamine administration. 

Most encouraging is the degree of reduction and the rate of remission for the symptoms associated with:

and more!

Too many people continue to suffer significant ongoing depression symptoms in spite of efforts to resolve symptoms and root causes. The current model consists of lots of medication trials and months, or years of psychotherapy.  We are currently seeing great results with this alternative pain management – ketamine infusion therapy – this kind of treatment is providing instant benefits with minimal side effects.

Find out more about the use of intravenous ketamine infusions for chronic pain and pain medicine!

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Palm Beach County – Further Information

We are now able to help patients connect the dots as to what is happening in their turbulent subconscious. Most of us are unable to articulate the reasons why we do the things we do.  We are forever perplexed as to why we cannot find happiness, or achieve a lasting peace of mind.

Allay Health and Wellness offers the opportunity for individuals to begin to have a better quality of life. 

If you would like more information about our alternative pain management treatment; Ketamine Assisted Therapy in Palm Beach County, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment. 

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