Here’s How IV Therapy Can Help You Manage Your Depression

IV therapy or intravenous therapy, commonly referred to as a drip, works to deliver medications in a fluid form via the veins with faster results. Also known as infusion therapy, this is commonly how a ketamine medication is administered in the body before surgery to sedate a patient.

Ketamine IV therapy, however, also works to treat depression. The drug brings an antidepressant effect that could help patients manage their mental condition, especially for those with severe depression and suicidal tendencies, if other treatments no longer work. 

One major issue for patients with depression is treatment resistance. According to experts in the Clinical Trials Network & Institute, more than half of patients don’t respond to standard antidepressant treatment, thus an option like ketamine IV therapy has been receiving raves. If you are curious, you can always visit Allay Health and Wellness IV lounge in Palm Beach Gardens to learn more about the procedure.

What is Ketamine IV Therapy? 

Ketamine IV therapy, also known as racemic ketamine, contains a mixture of two molecules (R and S ketamine). Experts say that ketamine binds in the body’s receptors as soon as it’s in the body.

Once bound, ketamine triggers an increase in glutamate that results in a change in the person’s mood, thought patterns, and cognition, per Harvard Health. It could also reduce inflammation in the brain that may affect a person’s emotions.

Since this medication is rapid-acting, even for depression, doctors believe it can be effective in preventing suicides, the 10th leading cause of death in America. However, ketamine IV therapy doses for depression are lower than surgical anesthesia and it must also be properly monitored during treatments.

How is  Ketamine IV Therapy Administered for Depression? 

To undergo a ketamine IV therapy in Palm Beach Gardens, patients must first have a series of consultations with a board-certified psychiatrist. These consultations will serve as a basis for crafting a personalized treatment plan that supports the patients’ needs.

Once the treatment plan has been determined, receiving IV therapy is a relatively simple process. Patients will be asked to sit in a comfortable spot at Allay Health and Wellness IV Lounge in Palm Beach Gardens while connected to the IV. The drip is at a very low dose and carefully monitored by clinic staff to avoid side effects and complications. The whole process may be completed in 45 minutes. 

Because IV therapy may lead to overstimulation, patients are advised to stay for a few minutes after the treatment until the Allay clinic staff can give an all-clear. Minor side effects of this treatment include nausea, vomiting, and blurry vision.

It usually takes three infusions that are properly spaced two to four weeks apart, for the patient to respond to the treatment’s full effects. However, some patients might require as much as eight infusions to further diminish the symptoms of depression as assessed by a doctor or psychiatrist. 

Generally, however, experts say that ketamine is safe enough. In fact, it belongs to the World Health Organization‘s list of essential drugs.

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