The Cost of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

The cost of ketamine infusion therapy might seem like a lot when you first hear the price. The reality is that there are a lot of resources involved in providing this kind of therapy. In addition to expertly administering ketamine, these treatment costs already include:

  • A private room with a recliner
  • The use of a smart TV for music and movies
  • Comprehensive health and physical by a medical professional
  • Psychological assessment
  • Supplemental medications you may need during the treatment
  • Vitals monitoring throughout the procedure to ensure comfort

Initial stabilization treatment is usually done within 3 to 4 weeks. The ongoing treatments administered after the stabilization treatment is called maintenance treatment. Maintenance protocol varies depending on the patient, and our medical team works with you on developing a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.


Ketamine therapy vs oral medications

Before the use of Ketamine, patients may have been using a number of oral medications (antidepressants, opioids) that can have serious side effects. The price of these medications can also be very expensive and, at times, take weeks or months to work. Ketamine has been shown to be an effective treatment offering minimal side effects.


Do insurance companies cover ketamine treatment?

Insurance companies typically do not cover the cost of ketamine infusions for mental health treatments. However, some insurances will cover a portion of costs associated with ketamine if it is used to treat chronic pain.

Additionally, Ketamine intranasal or Esketamine nasal spray received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in early 2019 as a viable treatment for depression. Because it’s FDA approved, this nasal spray treatment may be covered by health insurance. It may also be part of a maintenance treatment as some insurance companies do accept coverage for “treatment-resistant depression.” 

At Allay Health, we are more than happy to provide you with a superbill so that you can submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurance provider.

Allay Health has partnered with a flexible 3rd party finance company, M-Lend Financial, that helps patients finance payment for their treatments. They offer a quick and painless process to help you get the funds you need for your medical services.  


What is the cost for Ketamine Treatments in Palm Beach Gardens?

The cost of ketamine treatment varies from $430 for mental health treatment to $600 for pain treatment per infusion. 

We proudly offer a Hero’s Discount on all Ketamine Infusion Treatments in every one of our clinic locations. This discount applies to all active and retired service members and first responders, lowering the total treatment cost to $330 for mental health treatment and $530 for chronic pain.


Learn more about alternative pain management at Allay Health & Wellness

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain, anxiety, or depression, it would be best to see a specialist in alternative pain management in Palm Beach County as soon as possible to facilitate the best treatment plan. Some symptoms might be irreversible, depending on the cause but with the right program and treatment methods, the patient can still live a pretty good life despite their condition.

We are more than willing to answer any question you might have about insurance reimbursements and discounts. Don’t hesitate to visit us at Allay Health and Wellness Center. If you would like more information on ketamine infusion therapy that we provide, contact us or call us at (561) 421-6444.



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