5 Ways to Cope With Coronavirus Anxiety

Millions of people around the world are experiencing coronavirus anxiety, as life in this pandemic forces everyone to change their routines and normal way of life. 

But whether you’re staying at home 24/7 or fighting the virus as a medical frontline worker, you’re bound to experience some disruptions in the state of your mental health. So, how can you cope with coronavirus anxiety? Our experts in anxiety treatment, Palm Beach Gardens share a few tips:

1. Embrace your worries and fears

Know that it’s normal to worry about the future when no one really knows when this pandemic will end. Understand that it’s fine to feel unsettled. Focus on the things you can control instead of those that are beyond your control.

2. Limit the news you consume

While it’s good to be informed, watching the news may trigger your unease, especially if you have a history of anxiety. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actually recommends taking breaks from watching the news about the pandemic, including stories on social media, as these can be upsetting and may contribute to increased stress levels. 

3. Seek help virtually

If you feel your anxiety is getting the best of you, you could enlist some help virtually. Various telemedicine platforms, including therapy services from psychiatrists, are open online. In fact, you can call us at Allay Health and Wellness for anxiety treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, and we will be there to help you.

If you don’t want a virtual therapist, some meditation apps might help with stress and anxiety. There are free and subscription-based meditation apps like Headspace or Calm, which you can download and start using. 

These apps are also helpful if you’re working in the frontlines. In between breaks, try to do breathing and meditation exercises so that you lower your stress levels. 

4. Try your best to stick to routines

By sticking to routines, you can create some type of normalcy in your life that might help balance out the unsettling feeling. So, try to stick with the same dinner times or sleeping schedule you had before the pandemic broke out. Come up with routines within the family that you can follow day after day until the quarantine is over. 

5. Use technology to connect with friends and family members

Being in isolation may increase anxiety and depression, but you can still keep in touch with friends and family even if you’re observing social distancing measures. Check-in with each other through digital apps like FaceTime, Skype, or other platforms, especially if you have to be quarantined after your hospital or work shift. This removes your risk of spreading the virus while boosting your mental health. 

Anxiety is not a joke. At Allay Health and Wellness, we believe that mental health is as important as physical health. If the tips we mentioned have failed to decrease your anxiety levels, you may benefit from Ketamine IV therapy at our clinic.

Learn more about available anxiety treatment in Palm Beach Gardens

Ketamine infusion therapy at Allay Health and Wellness has been proven to reduce a patient’s anxiety levels. For your peace of mind, we have a clinical psychologist who will sit with you throughout the procedure. We believe that there has to be a psychotherapeutic engagement with the client to maximize the results of ketamine infusion therapy.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety brought by the coronavirus pandemic, contact us for guidance and can also discuss the best cost of ketamine infusion treatment for your needs.

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